Centrum Biznesu Zieleniak

Zieleniak is 72 m high and, including the masts, 90 m high. It is a 16-storey office building. Construction of the office building began in 1966, but it was not until 1971 that Centrum Techniki Okrętowej, the institution for which it was built, moved into the finished structure. The first six floors were taken over by the CTO on 1 August and the whole building was handed over on 15 December 1971. Stanisław Tobolczyk of the Warsaw University of Technology and Eng. Jasna Strzałkowska from Miastoprojekt Warsaw. The technique used to build Zieleniak was innovative for those times. First two pillars were erected, which were later connected by ceilings. Interestingly, the floors were built from above. The pillars looked very spectacular and were given names. “Baśka” and “Karol” – this is how they were affectionately called by the builders. When the skyscraper was completed, both pillars were transformed into staircases.

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