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Centrum Car Park in Gdańsk is located at 6 Podwale Grodzkie Street and offers over 200 parking spaces, including spaces for the disabled. It can be accessed from both Rajska Street and Podwale Grodzkie Street.

Excellent location allows you to park your car in a safe place and enjoy the beautiful attractions of the historic city of Gdansk

We offer attractive prices for short-term parking as well as permanent parking for 24 hours.

24/7 Comprehensive customer service – we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The car park is equipped with a system of surveillance cameras and intercoms. Additionally, the car park is under constant supervision of the building security.

Payment is made at the automatic payment machines by card or cash.

Frequently asked questions and answers


Is the parking lot monitored?
Yes, the car park has a video surveillance system that can be accessed by the staff of the car park.

Is the car park guarded?
The car park is not guarded. It is supervised and equipped with a video surveillance system.



What hours is the parking lot open?
The parking lot is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where can I find information about parking fees?
The price list is located in front of the parking entrance. You can also check the price list here.

How do I get to the parking?
Entrance to the parking is from Podwale Grodzkie and Rajska Street. Marked pedestrian entrances are located from Podwale Grodzkie and Rajska streets.

What can I do if my money gets stuck in the cash machine during payment?
Please inform us about the situation via the intercom located at the cashier’s desk. You will then receive instructions on what to do.

Can disabled people park for free?
There are special use spaces in the parking lot. The spaces are not exempt from payment. Each person entering the parking lot is required to pay a fee before leaving.

Facilities for access to the parking lot.
The parking lot has 1 elevator, which is located at the pedestrian entrance to the parking lot from Podwale Grodzkie Street.

What is the maximum height of a car entering the parking lot?
The maximum height allowed for cars is 1.9m.

Can LPG vehicles use the parking lot?
No, it is impossible to park cars with LPG installation on this parking lot.

What should I do if I lose my parking ticket?
There are special intercom buttons on the automated ticket machine and columns. If you lose your ticket, press it to connect with the parking lot staff and get information on further steps


Subscriptions and paymentsSubscriptions and paymentsShow

What are the prices of parking subscriptions?
There are different types of subscriptions available at the parking lot to suit the needs of many drivers. More details can be found here.

How do I pay for parking?
You can pay for parking at the automated pay station by cash or card.

Where and when should I pay for parking?
Before leaving the parking lot, approach one of the automated pay stations with your ticket. After paying, you still have 15 minutes to leave the parking lot.

How do I order a parking subscription?
You can order your parking subscription here.

How do I get a receipt after I pay?
You can get a receipt after paying at the cashier by selecting the appropriate button when paying for your ticket. If you forget to do this, you can put the paid ticket back into any pay station and press the “Delayed Receipt” button.

Do you invoice for parking?
If you wish to receive an invoice when paying for parking at the automated ticket office, select the appropriate button and follow the instructions on the cash register display.

Is free parking possible?
Free parking is not possible.



Is there an attendant in the parking lot?
In case of technical problems, contact the attendants via the intercom. The buttons are located on the entry column, exit column and automated ticket office. An attendant is located at the Customer Service Desk. If you have additional questions, please call or write. You can find contact information here.

Can I reserve a parking space?
Yes, please visit centrum.parkujesz.pl to make your booking.

How booking process looks like?
Go to our webpage and choose dates, you can choose between several parking products or give dates of arrival and departure and system will recommend the product. Next step is to log in to your account. If you do not have an account choose “Don’t have an account” and create new one. If you have an account and you are logged in, you will be transferred to booking summary and then to payment page. Pay your reservation and check your e-mail inbox. You will receive booking confirmation with QR code.

Is it possible to change parking dates in my booking?
Yea. Change is possible with 24h before in primary given date and time. To make them, open your booking confirmation and click to Manage your reservation. You will be transferred to webpage where you can change your data. Please remember to accept the changes.

I made an online booking reservation. How can I enter the car park?
You will receive booking confirmation to your e-mail address give while reservation. Please print it and take with you to the car park. Skan QR code on blue entrance column. Barrier will open automatically.

I had to extend my stay at car park. What should I do?
If booked time was exceeded, open booking confirmation on your mobile device and go to Manage your reservation section. You can pay additional cost of car park there. After payment, go to exit column and scan QR code from your booking confirmation. Have a nice trip!


Would you like to learn more?

Download the parking terms and conditions

Please submit all complaints regarding our services using the complaint form.

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